​How to Dress to Feel the Most Fabulous Version of Yourself

Posted by Lauren on 28th Aug 2021

How to Dress to Feel the Most Fabulous Version of Yourself

When I started my styling course in July last year, I was curious to know if I really even knew exactly what my style was. But it quickly became evident that 'personal style' is not a particular theme like 'classic' or 'boho' or 'feminine' but it is a personal thing that can change on a daily basis.

That's the best thing about fashion and clothes. You can be any 'style' you want each day depending on how you are feeling, what your tasks are, where you are going and who you are seeing.

Clothes have the ability to be a mood changer which is such an amazing thing!

Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way.
Not one person has the same body shape and personality as you do. I encourage you to use your personal traits to your advantage when creating your personal style. Dress to feel the most fabulous version of yourself.

This week really get to know those personal traits and here is the simple way of how to do it.

*Stand in front of the mirror and look at your beautiful self and recognise your assets.*

Your assets are those parts of your body that you really love and know, when you show them off, it makes you feel great.

As women we get caught up in focusing on our 'flaws' and dress to hide them but what you should do is dress to show off your assets.

Go on, go and do it now! Really be kind to yourself and recognise your assets.

So as you go through the week and look through your wardrobe for something to wear, I want to you to try this way of dressing of highlighting your assets rather than hiding your flaws.

If you love your bum then wear your fitted skirt, skinny jean or pants with a top that is not too long, or if you love your arms and shoulders then wear a halter neck, singlet or off the shoulder style. And if you love your legs, show them off

Dressing should be about making you feel fabulous everyday.

I would love to hear how you went with this and any feedback you have.

Have a great week and here's to your wearing fashion that makes you feel good about yourself.

Warm Regards,

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