Women 60

Don’t let anyone tell you that you will be in a fashion desert when you hit 60. Our specially selected brands ooze style, sophistication, fun and effortless dressing. The current fashion trends may not be for you (you've seen it before!) but there is plenty of on target styles right here.

The sixty’s era is about being comfortable with who you are. From a fashion perspective this equates to absolutely knowing you do not have to dress for anyone but yourself.

Classic style with a hint of fashion is usually what the 60 something woman is looking for.  You are passed worrying about ‘mutton dressing like lamb’ because you can spot the lamb fashion a mile away. You appreciate it for what it is and who it is for and are often heard reminiscing ‘ I remember wearing something like this” and its either said with warmth from memories of feeling great in the fashion or with amazement that you would really wear such a thing!

One thing that does tend to happen in your 60’s is the colours you used to be able to wear may not look quite as good anymore and colours you have been avoiding can give you a new lift. This is because our skin and hair colour changes as we mature. If you haven’t tried a new colour recently, give it a go. Try one that you love because that is usually the one that will give your skin a beautiful radiance. Look at the reds, purples and bold blue hues for a colour spark.

Wardrobe building should be based on classic, stylish and elegant pieces that can be given a fashion edge with jewellery, hoisery and shoes.

There are possibly areas of your body that you wonder when and how they arrived!

1. Whose upper arm is that?

There are many brands on the market that understand the need for a sleeve. However, having said that there are still not enough brands who design a stylish dress with a sleeve.
Choose a soft floaty sleeve that does not cling and flatters the arm. And it doesn’t have to be very long. ¾ sleeves create a sense of length and elongate the arm which provides a slimmer appearance. But make sure the sleeve is not too tight or in a revealing fabric.
A mesh sleeve cardi or shrug is a fabulous wardrobe basic to throw over a sleeveless top or dress. Ensure you wear the right shape for the dress or top otherwise it will just look like an added extra rather than part of the outfit.

2. Oops, another bump.

Disguise is the name of the game. Choose classic cut jackets and tops in a fabric with structure. Watch out for the jersey garments – ensure the style drapes from the shoulder or bust and doesn’t cling across the bra line. Invest in a classic cut jean (philosophy, Meredith,Yarra Trail or Corfu) that have a high rise that will not create the dreaded love handles. Vests in a beautiful draping fabric can be your disguise friend.

3. Beautiful, bountiful bosoms.

The first step is to invest in a quality, supportive bra that is the correct fit. We have 2 qualified bra fitters in LamiSaru Loxton who love helping customers find their lost ‘lift and separate’!   Then choose V neck or low scoop neck tops. The ‘disguise friend draping vest’ as above will soften the look of a large breast. If you want to cover your neck and collarbone area, opt for shirts that still provide a V at the neckline or add a short scarf tied at the chest over a higher neck knit top.

Many women retain gorgeous shaped legs right into their latter years. So these should definitely be shown off. Wear a dress just above or on the knee with an opague hose (50 – 80 den Bellissima) which will provide good coverage but are still sheer enough to highlight the shape of the leg.

Comfortable shoes are definitely in demand from our 60 something customers. There are some lovely flats in gorgeous colours available now that will give a zing to your outfit. The current fashion of a wedge shoe is definitely one to look for. We have styles that are stylish and not too high.

A couple of little ‘LamiSaru tips’

1. Give yourself time to shop.  

We see so many women rushing into the store wanting to find an outfit in a nanosecond! That just doesn’t work. It really wont jump out at you! To really create a great new wardrobe or even just to find the basic wardrobe builders or refresh your style, you need to give yourself time! This also applies to looking online. Take time to read about the product, find the colours that you like and do research to find the brands that are consistently reliable with their quality and styling. 

2. Never go seriously fashion shopping with a group of friends.

The dynamics of a big group just doesn’t work. If you need a second opinion take just one friend or close female relative – someone you really trust and who has your best interests at heart. And, find a boutique where the staff are genuinely interested in helping you find what is right for you. LamiSaru is the one that comes to mind!

LamiSaru ladies would love to spend some time with you, highlighting the styles and brands that we know work for the 60 something woman.  For our online customers email us on or phone us on 1300 913 097 and we will happily talk you through your purchases.  Our mantra of “Helping women feel good about themselves through fashion” ensures we offer stylist advice that is honest and age appropriate.

And as Coco Chanel beautifully stated:

"You can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life."

 The brands we recommend for you: