Women 50

It really isn’t possible to discuss just one fashion style that covers an age range of 50 – 59. There can be a big difference between a 51 year old and a 58 year old. Attitudes, life influences, needs, desires and body shape all continually change throughout life and even more so for women in their 50’s.

So what I have written about for the Women 50 are solutions and suggestions to cover the fashion experiences women in their 50s have shared with us.

If you are unable to recognise yourself below or you are still unsure about what would work for you email ( or phone (1300 913 097) and we will personally assist you. We simply want to help you find your style whatever your situation. That’s because we love helping women feel good about themselves through fashion.

One thing that we cannot ignore is the fact that once we hit 50 our body seems to develop a mind of its own and can behave like a relentlessly disobedient teenager. The majority of women through their 50’s decide there is at least one part of their body they now need to disguise, or at least, pay more attention to when shopping for fashion.

  1.   I’m 50! Oh no! I don’t want to look frumpy! What is out there in the fashion world for me?

Lots and lots – racks full of stylish, sophisticated, fun and fashionable gear. Once you have dealt with the ‘oh no’ part of turning 50 you realise that the person who was 49 yesterday (or was that only 42) is the same person that is 50 today. Sure, our bodies will change – that’s life. But there are so many fantastic brands that are doing great things in fashion for the 50+ women. But even the brands that are targeted at the 18-35 age group will have pieces that will work for you

 2.  It’s time for me.

Maybe all your children are now independent and you have decided you deserve to spend some time and money on yourself. Or maybe you have been so busy with building your career (as well) and looked in the mirror one day, and decided it was time for that fashion update and some ‘me’ splurging.
I suggest: Allocate yourself TIME! We see so many women rushing into the store wanting to find an outfit in a nanosecond! That just doesn’t work. To really create a great new wardrobe or even just to find the basic wardrobe builders or refresh your style, you need to give yourself time! This also applies to looking online. Take time to read about the product, find the colours that you like (as they are often the colours that look good on you) and research to find the brands that are consistently reliable with their quality and styling.
Experiment. Fashion changes – constantly. It doesn’t mean that you have to grab the next fashion trend and wear it. But if it appeals even slightly, or you are curious as to whether you should wear it, give it a go – try it! But again, use the knowledge of the wise and experienced. At LamiSaru Boutique we can show you how to wear the particular fashion piece in an age appropriate way. And if one piece doesn’t work, we will suggest a variation on the theme.

A word of warning: If you really don’t feel good in the new style, don’t buy it because it will hang in your wardrobe and you won’t wear it. Such a waste on so many levels.

3.  I know my style and am confident it works for me.

Knowing your style and dressing to make yourself feel good has never been an issue for you. But now you have a little bulge where there never was one. Or those brands you have been relying on just don’t quite work anymore

I suggest: Just because there is a little body shape change doesn’t mean you need to completely change your look. If you are still happy with the style you are wearing and you know it is still working for you, but the brands you have been wearing are cut a little too small or slender, there will be a sister brand that is cut with a curve or two in mind that reflects exactly the style you have been comfortable with. But you may also find that the brands you have been wearing still have some styles that will work for you. It just takes a little time to research or a little more time in the change room. We'd love to help you.

4.   I really need a fashion make over.

But what and how do you wear new look? Fashion is exciting because it changes. We simply love unpacking new deliveries and showing our customers the new styles and colours. But not every new fashion trend or colour will suit you. That’s not something to feel bad or frustrated about, it’s simply because we all have a unique look and personality and the new fashion trend may simply not be right for you.But unless you try it you won’t know. So I suggest you give yourself TIME. We'd love to help you. Allocate at least an hour to allow the staff to show you the new trends and if and how they could work for you. We do this constantly – suggest something new to our customer that they would never have taken off the rack themselves. And we are delighted when they are delighted by how great it looks and what a lift it gives them.

Oh and another piece of advice. Before you venture to any new fashion piece, invest in a good bra! You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your shape and body image.

5.  Where did that arm come from? It wasn’t like that last time I looked.

The age old problem – flabby arms and how to disguise them. My take on this is – don’t! You are in the majority of women when you worry about your arms. So, if everyone happily wore sleeveless then the problem would be shared and so disappear! But I know that is not going to happen so there are loads of great fashion tips of how to cover your arms without looking like you are in the wrong season.

A soft floaty sleeve that does not cling, flatters the arm. And it doesn’t have to be very long.
¾ sleeves create a sense of length and elongate the arm which provides a slimmer appearance. But make sure the sleeve is not too tight or in a revealing fabric.
A mesh sleeve cardi or shrug is a fabulous wardrobe basic to throw over a sleeveless top or dress. Ensure you wear the right shape for the dress or top otherwise it will just look like an added extra rather than part of the outfit.

6.  Im a grandma. But please dont tell me I need to dress like my grandma did!

Just because you are a grandma doesnt mean you are banished to the fashion wilderness! It really is a generally accepted fact that we are now ‘younger’ than our mothers and especially grandmothers were at the same age. I dont believe you have to change a thing at all about yourself when you become a grandmother. Except perhaps your calendar so you can spend more time with your grandchild/ren

A tip: Never go seriously fashion shopping with a group of friends. The dynamics of a big group just doesn’t work. If you need a second opinion take just one friend or close female relative – someone you really trust and has your best interests at heart. And, find a boutique where the staff are genuinely interested in helping you find what is right for you. LamiSaru is the one that comes to mind!

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