Women 40

The 40’s offers a decade where women are less inclined to change their style once they have found it. When you are 49 you will possibly wear a very similar style to when you were 41.

Leaping out of the 30’s you may have found you are bursting with fashion energy, ready to see what is on offer. You know who you are, so are confident with trying the next new thing. However, there is still a need to be cautious and realize that ‘the next new fashion trend’ may not necessarily be your thing. But I encourage you to try it! See if it works for you and if it makes you feel great! If it does, go for it. If not, leave it for the next fashionista.

There may be various influences on your fashion decisions – you may have teenage daughters who have decided they want to influence your fashion decisions (tread wisely). You are perhaps not so busy with babies but busy being the taxi. Perhaps your career is in full bloom or you may be looking to shift to a new position.

Whatever your position, the 40’s are a great time for fashion. There are so many choices for you. You may still feel and look good in your style from your late 30’s plus there are new brands to discover that will provide sophistication without sacrificing style.

Your wardrobe will be quite diverse – from the basic jeans and tee for taxiing the kids or relaxing on the weekend, to the little black dress for the more formal occasions.

During your 40’s you may find that colours you could never wear are now looking great. It is a slow transition which blossoms in full in your late 50’s (yes I know – ages away!) So again, try a new colour you have been avoiding – one you love- and see if it now works for you.

The one thing you must do is give yourself time to shop. You won’t be able to fully appreciate the gorgeous gear that is just right for you unless you allocate time to seriously peruse. And when you need to build your wardrobe for the new season, refresh your style or add that extra little number that extends the life of what you already have, its imperative you give yourself time. Allow us the pleasure of working with you to find just the right gorgeous gear for you.

Brands we recommend for you: