What our Customers Say

Here is what our lovely customers say....... 

"Thank you again so much for your expert help in creating a capsule wardrobe for me today! I honestly didn't know where to start but I knew a capsule wardrobe was what was required... I kept seeing them pop up on my Insta feed and knew that was the solution I was looking for, but no idea where to start! I'm so glad I came in to see you and booked a time to come back and spend an hour together. I felt very special when you already had clothes waiting for me in the dressing room and so relieved there was a plan in place to keep me on track - yes, my eyes kept wandering to the gorgeous patterns on your racks, and this is how I got into my current state of disarray in my wardrobe where nothing matches! Bron, I really appreciated the thought that went into selecting the pieces, with respect to the bits I wanted to hide (tummy!) and the colours that were the most flattering for my skin. You honestly picked things out for me that I NEVER would've picked off the rack myself, but looked great on and best of all were SO COMFORTABLE! I loved the way you kept bringing everything back to what I already had in my wardrobe, and this really helped keep my to my budget and to the task at hand. I'm absolutely delighted to have come away with a really functional 8-piece capsule wardrobe that will complement everything I already have. I can see these staples keeping me going for a long time to come, a great investment and not to mention very fun! I highly recommend to anyone who is needing a little guidance to come and see you - it makes it a lot less daunting shopping for a body that's changed over the years when you are in safe, respectful and kind hands that really know how to make clothes work for you. And supporting local business makes it even sweeter. Thank you so much! " Bec

  I like wearing clothes that suit me and raise my confidence. Bron's knowledge, interest, patience and fabulously stocked boutique saw me leaving with five stylish new basic pieces yesterday. Thank you Bron. From Sandra

"I am time poor and have always been uncomfortable with fashion, not really having much of an idea at all. My large wardrobes (several of them) were full of clothes, so much so, that I really had no idea what was even in them. I was always buying clothes, most of it online as I didn’t have the time to shop in stores, and then of course I would receive my items excitedly in the mail, only to find I didn’t like them or they were the wrong colour, or they didn’t fit properly and would continue to just add them to my already cluttered wardrobes.I have known Bronny for quite some time and would on the odd occasion, pop into her boutique.  She was always friendly, undoubtably had a wealth of knowledge in fashion and styling and I was never made to feel pressured, embarrassed or uncomfortable. In recent months, I have been fortunate enough to receive her ongoing expertise as a very happy client.  I would never have thought it would be something I would even consider. I must admit, the initial thought was a little daunting, not really knowing what to expect, but Bronny, has shown nothing but professionalism and her obvious excellence in fashion and stying is absolutely amazing.  Bronny knows what compliments me and what doesn’t - I really appreciate her honesty. She encourages me to try things I would not normally have considered, provides wonderful advice on how to wear them and has given me a hope that I can actually look ok and more importantly feel good in what I wear.I have spent several days cleaning out my wardrobes and have loved hanging my new purchases in their place. It is wonderful to be able to put so many new combinations together.
Bronny provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience, which I would highly recommend.  I cannot express my appreciation enough and I look forward to each new styling session with excitement and are looking forward to wearing my new clothes with confidence. Thank you" Tracy 

"I love Lamisaru as it is a 'one stop shop'. I have shopped both in-store and online with great success both in my 20's and now in my 30's (as has my mum in her 40's and 50's). I have bought everything from underwear to clothing, shoes and accessories over the years. The staff really know their products and are not afraid to give an honest opinion. They have told me that something I have tried on does not look right (it is just like shopping with that best friend who you know will be frank with you) and have a genuine understanding of what looks great on all shapes and sizes.  Basically, shopping at Lamisaru is something that I can do with great confidence, knowing that I have bought something that suits me."  JO

 "I shop at LamiSaru because of the great fashions and attentive, helpful staff.  Being a working mum I love the ability to match the complete outfit with a wide choice of shoes and accessories in a one stop shop environment." Sheryn 40's