A little background story



Welcome to LamiSaru Boutique, where fashion isn't just a passion – it's a vibrant journey filled with color, texture, and endless possibilities!

From the early days of sewing my own wardrobe pieces as a teenager, to now curating stunning ranges for women of all ages, my love affair with fashion has only deepened over the years. I do wish I held onto some of those quirky creations from my youth as they'd definitely bring a smile to my daughters' and granddaughters' faces!

Colourful, soft, luxurious, patterned and textured fabrics have always appealed to me. But what is so exciting is the transformation of that fabric to clothing and then how that clothing item when worn, can transform your mood and confidence.

So, why do I do what I do? It's simple: my unwavering love for women's fashion and an innate desire to uplift and inspire.

I've been fortunate enough to cultivate a treasured community of dedicated clients, and I'm grateful that this journey continues to flourish

Now, about that quirky name – LamiSaru! (Yep, it's pronounced "la-mis-saroo"!) While it might break all the conventional rules of business naming, it holds a special meaning close to my heart. It's a beautiful fusion of my daughters' names – Lauren Michelle and Sara Ruth – a reminder of the love and inspiration that drives me every day.

Our fashion journey is like a thrilling rollercoaster ride – unpredictable, exhilarating, and full of surprises. But with passion as our compass, every twist and turn feels like destiny unfolding.

Thank you for sharing in the LamiSaru Boutique story. Stay tuned – there's always more to come! Here's to embracing each day with style and confidence.

Wishing you a truly lovely day.

Kind Regards, Bron


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