A little background story


Fashion has always been a love of mine.
I made most of my own clothes in my teen years and I wish I had kept some as they would give my daughters and granddaughters a laugh! 

Colourful, soft, luxurious, patterned and textured fabrics have always appealed to me. But what is so exciting is the transformation of fabric to clothing and then how that clothing item when worn, can transform the way you feel. 

My Why.
My love and understanding of women’s fashion plus my overwhelming desire to help women feel good about themselves through fashion, is my driving force.  

Personal Fashion Styling
Over the 18 years of trading in Loxton, I have gathered a beautiful group of very loyal clients. In August 2019 I closed my shopfront and currently work as a personal stylist and shopper for my loyal clients. We both love the personal and private relationship, where I know the items they would love, but more importantly, what looks great on them.

Just where does that name come from?
(pronounced la-mis-saroo)
The wisdom is, when creating a business name, make it easy to pronounce & spell and one that can be remembered. Well, we broke all those rules!! 
The name 'LamiSaru' is a combination of the first 2 letters of our daughters names - Lauren Michelle and Sara Ruth. 

It’s a journey.
This fashion journey is a constant rollercoaster.
But when the passion is strong, the journey is pre-destined.

Thank you for taking the time to read the LamiSaru Boutique story. 
There will be more…….. !

 Have a lovely day.

 Kind Regards,