Our Guarantee to You

Our Guarantee

Shopping online can be daunting for the first- timers. As LamiSaru is customer-centric, we constantly implement ways of making 'doing business' with us easy and pain free.

Bronwyn and her staff at LamiSaru Loxton, LamiSaru Tanunda, LamiSaru Ocean Grove and GUARANTEE TO:

1. Create and maintain destination stores full of stylish, fresh, fabulous womens fashion

2. Offer relevant and beneficial stylist advice to our customers

3. Constantly drive our customer-centric focus

4. Offer time efficient responses

5. Ensure the items we sell/send suit our customers needs

6. Create and maintain effective and timely communication with our customers

7. Make your fashion retail shopping not just retail therapy but a retail super experience

Browse. Enjoy. Enquire. Be fashion fulfilled.