Woman 30

The 30’s is a decade of such diversity. You may be driving a career or thinking of changing to a new one. You may be a Mum busy with young children, or you may be juggling both a career and children.

As a young Mum how you dress can become less of a priority to you. You’re busy looking after other people and you don’t have much time to spend on yourself, just grabbing whatever is clean and ironed (well clean anyway). 

You may find your perception of yourself changes in your 30’s. Young Mums in particular struggle with deciding how they should dress now. Maybe you have a new baby body shape which means you have to rediscover your style.

Fashion doesn’t have to be difficult nor do you have to spend huge $$’s to create a versatile wardrobe. Maybe your wardrobe essentially needs to be casual - few pairs of jeans, easy to throw on tops, a couple of  leggings, jacket or blazer and comfortable shoes. There are some great pieces in all the brands we recommend for you that are not only easy care and easy wear, but have a little fashion edge that will set you slightly apart from the basic tee and jean brigade.

For the career girl – you too may find your image perception changing. The carefree fashion days of the 20’s where you could get away with wearing almost anything and feeling great in it may not be so common. It may be that some of the brands you used to rely on to build your wardrobe don’t quite cut it anymore. You may be looking for a little more sophistication but with an avant-garde influence.

Life is about change and embracing that change with positive anticipation. So shrug off those fashion nerves and enjoy finding fabulous fashion pieces from the brands we recommend.

The last word – Enjoy your fashion journey. Its loads of fun.

 Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful’ Sophia Loren

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