Puffer Jacket with down

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I love my puffer jacket
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Puffer Jacket with down

This is definitely the jacket you need to keep you warm in the freezing winter months. It is a fabulous travel jacket as it folds down into a very small bag that you could keep attached to the coat so you don't loose it. 

The key to the warmth is the little stitched down 'puffs' are full of down. So warm and so light!

The length is perfect. The sleeve is a straight edge so you can easily cuff it up if need be. 

The pockets are deep, but as they are stitched as part as the seam running down the front of the jacket, they are camouflaged. 

*100% microfibre
*Duck Down
*Dry clean only
*True to size

 Bron is wearing the jacket with the TRONE top and CLANDINE pants

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