Philosophy Weekend Pant Ink Prism

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Philosophy Weekend Pant Ink Prism

This style of soft droppies from Philosophy Australia are proving to now be the most popular style with our customers. Once we introduce this style to them, they head back for the next print. 
Why are they so popular? Its in the cut. Even though they are tagged 'droppies' , they don't need to be. If you wear them on your waist the 'drop' is minimised. If you want to highlight the drop, then wear them lower. As the waist is elasticated it is easy to wear them where they are most comfortable for you. The pant is roomy through waist, hips and thighs and tapers to the calf and ankle. These are especially perfect for those of you who are thicker through the waist, hips and upper thighs and slender through the lower thigh and calf. 

The ink prism print is stylishly in vogue and they are the perfect pant to wear with your casual sneakers or dress up with a heel. 


  • Draw cord waist
  • Mid rise
  • Slight drop crotch
  • Stretch soft fabric
  • 7/8 length
  • pockets
  • made in Australia
  • Viscose/Nylon/Elastane