Casa Amuk Dropcrotch pants Blue

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Casa Amuk Dropcrotch Pants Blue

The Casa Amuk Dropcrotch Pant are one of the most comfortable pairs of pants you'll ever wear! 

They are a great staple to team with a Casa Amuk basic tee, sneakers, a denim jacket (roll them up a couple of times to get the cuffed look) and you have yourself a very casual chic look.

  • Drop crotch
  • Draw String, Elastic waist
  • Full length, can be rolled to a shorter length
  • Pockets
  • 50% Flax 50% Rayon (For those of you who have these pants before, this is a new fabric)


  • Some clients will wear these pants higher on their waist so the drop crotch is smaller


M= 8-12