Bellissima 300 DENIER Tight

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Bellissima 300 DENIER Tight

Bellissima is a beautiful Italian lycra range of product and if you haven’t tried them you should because we can guarantee you will fall in love with them.

The higher the number (denier) the more dense the fabric.   The 300 denier is the thickest we have iand act somewhere between a hose and a legging.

They are lovely and warm - ideal for cold winter months!

How to wear

The opaque tights create a dressier look so are great to wear with dresses, Skirts and longer tunics.


85% Polyamide

15% Elastane


Bellissima under garments are suitable for/are worn by any group.

They are a very firm fit, and there for are ideal layering pieces with a bit of control in them.

They are designed as under garments - not outer.

Sizing all depends on your height (if you are taller we recommend perhaps going up a size) however here is the rough breakdown:

S/M = 8/10

M/L = 10/12/14

L/XL = 14/16